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Adding Text to Graphics
When using the free graphics from this site, the first thing you will need to do is to save the graphics you wish to use. You can do this by:
Mac Users:
place your curser over the image you wish to copy and click. A menu will pop up and choose "save this image as.." or "save image" and then click on "save" in next window and it will copy to your hard drive (be sure to note where on your HD you are saving. It's best to have an image folder created for this purpose).

PC Users: as above, but right click on your mouse.

*note: once you've added text to your image, you must upload that image to an online site in order for it to post online.

To add text to your graphic:

You will first need to open your graphic in a program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

In Photoshop:
1- Change the graphic from "indexed mode" to "RGB" mode.
2- Add your text
3- Change your graphic back to "indexed mode" (makes for a smaller file size and won't affect the quality of these graphics as you are viewing them in indexed mode).
4- Export as a gif file to your hard disk
5- Ta da! You now have a personalized graphic.

In Paint Shop Pro (thanks to Sandra Lavigne for this info)
1- Open file
2- Select "save as"
3- Change file type to rgb or jpg


- When applying text, have fun experimenting with the embossing, bevelling, drop shadow, etc.. effects.

- Web elements can be reduced in size, do not attempt to enlarge or you'll lose too much resolution and well, they'll look yucky. :)

- Do not use a graphic intended for a light background on a dark background. Most of the square and rectangular buttons and bullets can be used on either light or dark backgrounds, but don't try this with round or oval ones.

We can add your text for a small fee, if you'd prefer we do this for you. Contact us at for more information.

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